• Story:The Earth is a relatively large place, is it not?
    Understand that momentum in life comes with a kind of fluidity.
    You know, the kind of willingness to experience more. Almost to move in a less constricted fashion and to do things your own way.
    Tony liked to do things his own way, and for those who were lucky enough to spend time with this well off business tycoon would know that he had a certain standard of living.
    And it surly seemed to work for him. Each winter he migrated to his winter retreat in the Southern Indian Himalayas, which the mighty river Ganges descends from. This transboundary river flows for thousands of miles but never changes its flow but always adapts its shape.
    Be liquid like Tony and you’ll learn flow in our little twist on the Ganges … Try it for yourself..



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3/4 sleeved.

SIZES: L, 50cm shoulder, 65cm length.

XL: 53cm shoulder, 70 cm length.




San Pedro Clothing


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